Sunday, February 9, 2014


(Feb. 10, 2014)

Hi there!  This is my end-of-year blog for 2013.  Yes, I realize that it’s February 2014, but did you really need another Christmas/Holiday/New Year end-of-year ramble in December or in the first of January?  If you’re like me, I was rambled out.  Plus, I think writing end-of-year blogs at the end of the year is cliché, do you?

Okay, maybe not, but here’s mine now anyway.  And I don’t have any musings about how good/bad/okay 2013 was (but there sure was some really, really good stuff there!) and I surely don’t want to pontificate about 2014, because when it really comes down to it:  what the hell do I know?  I know as much about the future as the next rock.   Who wants to hear about my resolutions or goals for 2014, heck I don’t even want to hear them, sounds like a lot of work to me.  Plus, you must have your own 2014 plans to deal with, right?

Instead, I present my list of burning questions that I couldn’t answer by the end of 2013 and that are still wiggling around in my brain’s gray matter as we enter knee-deep into 2014.  Life doesn’t always answer all of your questions for you, you know.  Sometimes you can ask and ask, but unless you figure it out on your own, you may as well be asking the wind (who I have been told is actually quite the blow hard).

Here they are:

Why does my left ear-bud always fall out when I’m listening to something, but the right one never does?
When did the dog inherit all of the blankets downstairs and why does he have more beds in the house than our entire family combined?
Who decided that Christmas and New Years could fall on a Wednesday like in 2013?  Thursdays, people, Thursdays, so workers can get two days off automatically.  Duh.
Why do I always want to go fishing when I have to do something else?
What do you wear on casual Fridays if we all dress casually all week long?
Do people like when I ‘Like” things on Facebook?  Is there any consideration at all when I don’t?
How come beers can stay fresh forever?  Is it just that I drink them too soon to go bad?
Do kids whistle as much anymore?
What if you aren’t losing one sock from the pair in the dryer but actually GAINING one?
How come once I start watching ‘Jeopardy’ I can’t stop watching until it’s over?

Have a nice day.  Only 321 days ‘til Christmas!